On this page we try to compare Fusio with different products to help you choose the fitting tool for your case. Please keep in mind that no technology is perfect and every product has its pros and cons. If some information are incorrect please feel free to make a pull request.

API Gateway

API Gateways act as a single entrypoint for all your APIs and microservices, they provide often features like proxy, authentication, developer portal, analytics and rate-limiting. Fusio can be used as alternative to such API gateway providers since it also implements common API gateway features. In addition, Fusio also covers topics like client SDK generation or API monetization.


Backend-as-a-Service provider help developers to build apps without building a backend and by simply using an API. BaaS providers offer features like database, storage and functions. Fusio can be used as alternative to such BaaS providers, but it only simplifies backend development. It is open-source, self-hosted and targets developers who like to build and host its own backend. This has some advantages like data sovereignty and vendor independence but it comes with a little bit more complexity.