Open Source API Management

Fusio is an open source API management platform which helps to create innovative API solutions.

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API management

Fusio provides a powerful backend app to control and monitor your API.

Developer portal

Fusio provides a developer portal app where developer can register to use your API.

API Generator

Fusio provides multiple generators to build complete APIs without coding from different sources.


Fusio provides a simple payment system to charge for specific routes.

SDK generation

Fusio can automatically generate a client SDK for your API based on the defined schema.

Rate limiting

Fusio provides a way to rate limit requests based on the user or app.

Schema generation

Fusio provides an endpoint to automatically generate OAI and RAML specifications.

Event support

Fusio contains a subscription layer which helps to build pub/sub for your API.

OAuth2 authorization

App developer can obtain an access token to access non-public API endpoints.

"With Fusio we innovate the API economy to make the digitalization happen"
Christoph Kappestein, Developer of Fusio