Open Source API Management

Fusio is an open source API management platform which helps to build and manage REST APIs. Through Fusio you can quickly build a state of the art API, set up a developer portal and monetize your API.


Fusio provides a simple to use and intuitive backend. Through the backend it is possible to control and manage the complete API.


Fusio provides a ready to use developer portal app which you can use to set up your API program. This is the place where developers can register to consume your API.


Fusio contains many actions which you can use out of the box to solve various tasks. I.e. to proxy HTTP requests to an internal API or generate an API based on a database table. This means you can build APIs in a Low-Code style without the need to write complex code.


Fusio contains a Worker-System which allows you to develop actions in different programming languages, Fusio currently supports Java, Javascript, PHP and Python. This means your developers can choose the language of choice to implement your backend logic.


At the backend of Fusio it is possible to create multiple Plans. A Plan can then be purchased by a user at the developer portal.

Through a purchase a user receives points. Those points can then be spent to call protected API routes. At the backend you can configure how much a call to a route costs.


Fusio provides an Apps Marketplace where you can install different apps for your API.

An App is mostly a simple Javascript app which provides specific functionality. The previously mentioned backend and developer app are also only apps which work with the internal API of Fusio.


API management

Fusio provides a powerful backend app to control and monitor your API.


Developer portal

Fusio provides a developer portal app where developer can register to use your API.



Fusio provides a documentation app which shows all available API endpoints.



Fusio provides a simple payment system to charge for specific routes.


OAuth2 authorization

App developer can obtain an access token to access non-public API endpoints.


Rate limiting

Fusio provides a way to rate limit requests based on the user or app.


Schema generation

Fusio provides an endpoint to automatically generate OAI and RAML specifications.


Subscription support

Fusio contains a subscription layer which helps to build pub/sub for your API.


SDK generation

Fusio can automatically generate a client SDK for your API based on the defined schema.