Website update and preparing the 5.0 release

posted by chriskapp on

We are currently preparing the launch of the next Fusio major release version 5.0. As first step we are rolling out our website and documentation update.

We have identified and described 5 use cases of Fusio, we have gathered these use cases over the years working with our users and we think this should help new users to see how Fusio can be used. These use cases are now listed in the documentation and also at the website.

Besides this we have updated our SDK page which now lists our additional C# and Python SDK and also provides direct links to examples. At the documentation we have also rewritten many pages for the latest 5.0 release and added more screenshots and explanations how to configure specific actions.

Regarding the next 5.0 release, we are currently in the last steps to test and polish the 5.0 release. We have implemented all planed features from our roadmap: Multi-Tenancy, Worker redesign, Personal Access Tokens, C# and Python SDK. Especially the Multi-Tenancy feature is a big change so if you like to help with testing feel free to check out the latest Fusio version from GitHub which already contains all 5.0 dependencies.

With this update we enter a feature freeze where we and our users can test and evaluate the latest release. We are planing to release the next Fusio version by the end of may. If you have any testing feedback please feel free to directly create an issue at GitHub.

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