Version 0.9 released

posted by christoph.kappestein on 2017-06-12

We are happy to announce version 0.9 of Fusio. In the following we explain the important changes from the last coverage.

  • Added deploy command

    In the 0.7.1 release we have introduced the deploy command. The command reads the configuration from the .fusio.yml file. This config file contains information about the system i.e. routes, actions, etc. So it is basically an alternative way to develop an API without using the backend. Internally the command uses the backend REST API to create the specified entries.

  • Update api documentation app

    We have improved the API documentation app. The schema view renders now a JSON like structure so that users can easily understand the described format.

  • Add action resolver which determines the engine which is used i.e. php or v8

    In the 0.9 release we have introduced a new config parameter fusio_engine which specifies how the action value is used. By default we expect a class name as in previous versions of Fusio but it is also possible to specify another engine. In the 0.9 release we use the PhpFile engine in the configuration. That means that we write our endpoint logic in a simple php file instead of a class.