Version 0.7 released

posted by christoph.kappestein on 2017-02-24

We are really proud to announce version 0.7 of Fusio. Since this release is an important milestone we want to tell you also a little bit about our aims with this project and of course we will cover the changes of the 0.7 release.

Our goal with this project is to enable anybody to setup an API program. Like Wordpress enabled anybody to create a blog on the web we want to enable anybody to create an API on the web. Of course our audience are still programmer who implement the backend logic but the entry should be as easy as possible. That means that the developer only needs to implement the actual backend logic and dont need to cover topics like f.e.: Analytics, Documentation, Authorization, Rating. Through the V8 engine we have developed a simple javascript API which enables any frontend developer to implement an API endpoint. While it is still possible for advanced developers to implement complex backend endpoints. In the future we want to continue this mission by enhancing the Fusio platform, adding more examples and create apps which help you building an API program. Depending on the demand we may also start a SAAS around Fusio.


With this release we have improved the stability of Fusio due to extensive testing. Because of this we are now confident that Fusio can be used in production. In the following we want to cover the important changes from the version 0.6.3 to 0.7.

  • Connection try to connect to remote service on creation

    If a new connection is added the connection tries now to connect to the remote service with the provided credentials. If the connection fails it is not possible to add the connection. This helps to provide the correct credentials to the connection.

  • Add http connection

    We have removed the general http service. It is now required to add a http connection with a base uri to send http requests.

  • Add schema and action designer

    During testing we have noticed the slow process of editing and testing an action. Because of this we have added a new action designer UI which lets you easily develop new actions. A similar UI exists also for schemas.

  • Update v8 component

    We have improved the v8 adapter and the underlying library and added more test cases.

  • Register command add auto confirm option

    Because of the docker container we needed an option to automatically register a command without user interaction. There is now an option -y which automatically answers all questions with yes.

  • Disable editing the default scopes

    It is now not longer possible to delete the first three scopes because without them you are not able to login to the backend.

  • Added error panel

    Besides the log panel we have added an error panel which shows every error which occurred on an action.

  • Redesigned backend ui and grouped main navigation into categories

    We have redesigned the backend UI and moved our javascript code base to browserify. Because of this we are now also able to provide an electron app of the backend.

Besides the release we have now also a new brand logo and improved the website content with tutorial videos. We hope that you are as excited as we are about the potential of Fusio. Feel free to drop us a line in case you have any questions about Fusio.