Version 0.4 released

posted by christoph.kappestein on 2016-10-09

We like to announce version 0.4 of Fusio. With this release we move all action and connection implementations into seperate adapter projects which can be used on demand. This reduces the dependencies of the core project and you can install only the adapters which are actually required. We have also added a new adapter page on the website where all available Fusio adapters are listed. The following list covers the changelog of this release:

  • Moved logic to the fusio engine and extracted action and connection implementation

    Since we have moved classes into a different package the namespace of the classes has also changed. If you upgrade from 0.3.x to 0.4 all classes are changed accordingly. There is only a problem with live API endpoints where the class name is inside the cache which we can not change. Therefor you have to set the API back to development mode to update the cache with the correct class name. So please be cautious if you upgrade a 0.3.x installation

  • Improved backend ui use Robot font

    We have improved the css of the backend