Status and development of Fusio 4.0

posted by chriskapp on

In this post I like to talk about the current status and development process for the next Fusio major version 4.0.

In the last three months since our last blog post we have completed our two big milestones. We have released a first version of TypeAPI a new specification to describe REST APIs and we have released a new major version of the underlying PSX framework.

While building the new TypeAPI specification we have also improved our TypeSchema code generator with new languages and complete integration tests. There is now also a docker image and GitHub action which can help you to integrate our code generator. All these improvements are then automatically integrated into the next Fusio version.

The next Fusio version will also include a better TypeHub integration. TypeHub is a platform to design open data specifications, it is like GitHub for data modelling. It is currently in an alpha stage but we are planing to greatly improve the platform. This means that you can simply use any schema at TypeHub in your Fusio instance and it is also possible to upload your schemas to TypeHub.

We are currently in the process to upgrade Fusio to the new PSX version, if you like you can follow the process at the development branch. The process is already very advanced and I think we will complete this within the next month.

There is another big change for the next Fusio version which I like to introduce. Currently at Fusio there is a "Routes" panel and each route has assigned HTTP request methods where you can invoke an action. With the new Fusio version we are planing to remove the "Routes" panel and add a new "Operation" Panel. An operation is basically a function which can be invoked through an REST API call. So we are moving from an HTTP resource centric design to a more RPC like design. This is then also reflected in the new TypeAPI spec where we also model operations instead of HTTP resources. This design has especially great benefits for automatic code generation. We are still in the process with this development but this is just a short teaser so that our community knows the direction where we are heading.

This was a short post to cover the current status of the next Fusio major version 4.0. I hope you are also as excited as we are for the next version which tries to step-up the API development process even further. Also please let me know in case you have any thoughts or ideas regarding the next Fusio version.

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