Introducing APIgen an API code generator

posted by chriskapp on

I am happy to introduce you to our new service APIgen. APIgen helps you to generate complete APIs based on a model definition. The generated API is based on Fusio and it helps to quickly bootstrap an API project. You can design the model definition at the APIgen backend through a simple web editor s.

APIgen backend

After modelling your entities and the relations you can generate the Fusio code through the "Generate" Button. The generated code is ready to use and is basically a complete customized API tailored to your use case. We have also wrote a small blog post about the motivation to build APIgen.

So this is just a first introduction to our new service and we are really excited about the future and what is possible to build with APIgen. If you are interested in the service please feel free to register, the service is free and ready to use. If you have any problems or want to provide feedback please create directly an issue at our repository.

Best regards