Fusio Backend 2.0 Release Candidate available

posted by chriskapp on

We like to announce the first 2.0 release candidate of our new backend app. We have completely rewrote our existing AngularJS based backend to Angular 13. We release this version early so that our users can already start to test and experiment with the new backend. If you have found any bugs or would like to request a new feature please create an issue at our repository.

Note: This release is currently not included in our marketplace since it is a pre-release. To install the app go to the repository and download the latest 2.0.0-RC* version. You then need to copy the content of the dist/fusio folder to your public/apps/fusio folder. Then you also need to run php bin/fusio marketplace:env fusio to replace the env variables at the index.html file.

The backend uses now our automatically generated Javascript SDK. Through this we have a complete type-safe architecture from our backend to the frontend. In Fusio we have a single model repository where we have a TypeSchema definition of all models. Based on this specification we automatically generate all PHP model classes which we use at the backend. Then we use Fusio to automatically generate the client SDK code, please take a look at our Javascript SDK repository for more information. In our Angular 13 backend app we then include the Javascript SDK which then also contains all models. We are currently really happy with Angular as choice for the new backend app and we are looking forward to the final release.