Fusio 4.0.4 released

posted by chriskapp on

We are happy to announce version 4.0.4 of Fusio, with this release we start 2024 pushing API development to the next level. In the following list we cover all important changes:

  • Improve backend dashboard response to prevent null values

    The backend dashboard response does not include null values instead we use 0 for better backend charts.

  • SQL Adapter improve table generator schema name

    The SQL adapter now uses better schema name in case you generate an API based on a table.

  • Add oracle and mssql docker image flavor

    We have added an oracle and mssql docker image flavor in case you want to connect to a oracle or mssql database.

  • Backend app improve change detection of action and schema links

    In some cases the action and schema detail view was not updated, this is now fixed and the component now renders correctly on change.

  • Backend app schema editor add raw JSON/YAML import

    At the schema editor it is now possible to import raw JSON/YAML data.

  • Fixed CLI login expires in

    A problem regarding the CLI login was fixed.

  • Fixed Google social login

    A problem regarding the Google social login was fixed.

  • TypeAPI generate base url and security

    The generated TypeAPI specification now contains the base ur and security settings of your Fusio instance.

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