Fusio 4.0.3 released

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We are happy to announce version 4.0.3 of Fusio. In the following we will cover the most important changes of the 4.0.3 release and also the last two minor updates which we have not yet covered:

  • 4.0.3
  • Fix backend sdk download button

    The SDK download button was not show correctly at the backend app, the SDK was generated in background but the button to download the SDK was not available, this is now fixed.

  • OAuth2 endpoint use seconds for "expires_in" instead of unix timestamp

    The "expires_in" property of the OAuth2 token response contained previously a unix timestamp. This behaviour was wrong according to the OAuth2 specification, we have adjusted the response so that the "expires_in" property only contains the lifetime in seconds of the access token. Note if you use this property please adjust the behaviour accordingly.

  • Add sdkgen integration

    We have recently launched SDKgen, a new project which we have developed to help everybody generate production ready SDKs for their API. Fusio contains now an SDKgen integration, this means that you can enter your SDKgen credentials at the .env file and you can then automatically use our advanced code generator which we provide through SDKgen, this means you can also generate i.e. Java or CSharp client SDKs for your API.

  • 4.0.2
  • Implemented symfony/messenger to support async work queues

    We now use internally the Symfony Messenger component to handle background tasks. This means that you can now also easily configure an actual message queue like RabbitMQ. Fusio uses by default a database based message queue which works out of the box.

  • Improved client SDK grouping

    We have improved the internal client SDK generator to group your operations based on the operation name. If the operation name contains a dot all operations are grouped under this name. I.e. you operation name could be product.execute and the execute operation will be placed in a separate product class.

  • Added composite app filter

    By default we use now the app filter which contains your app and authorization routes which are mostly required to work with your API.

  • Change migration execution order to always execute the internal Fusio migration and then the App migrations

    Fusio now executes always at first the internal Fusio migrations and after this your app migrations.

  • 4.0.1
  • Improved Passthru handing for file uploads

    File upload handling was improved using the Passthru schema.

  • Add new model SDK generator

    We have now included all model generators which can be also used directly at the backend.

  • Add default robots.txt

    A default robots.txt was added to prevent all crawler indexing your API and apps. Our developer portal and documentation apps are not SEO optimized so this might have a negative impact on your website serving those pages directly. Because of this we have added a robots.txt to disallow crawling by default, if this is intended we recommend to create a dedicated subdomain where you can also use a fitting robots.txt.

  • Updated TypeSchema editor

    The TypeSchema editor was improved, including better import and export possibilies.

  • Updated backend and developer app dependencies

    All backend and developer app dependencies are updated to the latest version.

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