Fusio 3.2 released

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We like to announce version 3.2 of Fusio. The biggest change of this release is the rewrite of our backend from AngularJS to Angular 13. The following post covers all important changes of this release:

  • Update backend app to Angular

    We have made a complete rewrite of our old AngularJS application to Angular 13, with this we now also use our automatically generated SDK. This has greatly increased the code quality of our app and should provide a stable base for the future

  • Add connection inspection

    It is now possible to inspect a connection. This means for database connections it is now possible to see all tables and the structure. In the future it is also possible to add such a connection to other connection types

  • Add SqlEntity generator provider

    We have added a new generator which allows you to create a complete API based on a simple entity definition. This generator also generates the actual tables and creates all routes, actions and schemas. This should greatly help you in case you need to build a simple database CRUD API

  • Improved sql adapter actions

    Since our SqlEntity generator uses our standard SQL Actions we have also improved them so that they now also can handle relations and custom mappings

  • Marketplace install handle Angular apps

    Our marketplace now also handles attachments on a release. I.e. for our Angular app we only want to publish the generated build as app. This is now possible by simply adding such a zip file to your release

  • Move routes provider to generator namespace

    We have moved the routes provider endpoints to the generator namespace and also adjusted all routes and namespaces accordingly. We have also added a separate "Generator" panel to the backend where you can now configure and execute such a Generator

  • Many small endpoint schema fixes

    Since we now use our automatically generated SDK at the backend we have greatly improved our backend schema definitions

  • Add CORS handling to OAuth2 endpoint

    Our OAuth2 endpoint now handels CORS headers correctly

  • Add util event dispatch action

    We have added a new action which simply dispatches an event on our event system. This can be useful if you want to trigger such an event from a third party system

We are really happy with this release and please feel free to provide any feedback either on Github or at our Forum.

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