Development and future plans for the next Fusio release

posted by chriskapp on

In this post I like to talk about the current status of development for the next Fusio release and our future plan for this release.

In the background we are currently working on a heavy rewrite of our code generation system. In its first version the code generation system was already fine but the generated code was not very easy to use since it contained many HTTP concepts like a resource endpoint etc. and also the method names were generated by the path name which not always resulted in an easy-to-use method name. Our next code generator is based on a complete new specification called TypeAPI, it is similar to OpenAPI but optimized for code generation to generate high quality client SDKs. I will let you know once we have a first version to the TypeAPI specification released.

In this process we have also released a new version of our internal framework PSX which Fusio uses. The biggest change is that we now use the Symfony DI container to resolve all our dependencies, that means in the future you don`t need to register any dependencies instead they get automatically autowired. It brings also a great performance improvement since the container gets compiled into an optimized format and it is a tool which many developers already know. This means that we also need to update our existing Fusio code base to this new framework version.

So these are currently our two big milestones which we need to complete in order to release the next version of Fusio. We think that this is a great next step for Fusio. Regarding the timeline, out plan is to release a first version of the TypeAPI specification at the beginning of the second quarter. The framework update of Fusio will probably take a bit longer since we need to redesign some parts of the existing system, but I think we will complete this also by the end of the second quarter. So please stay tuned and let me know in case you have any questions or ideas regarding this new release.

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