Fusio is written in PHP and requires at least version 7. If you want to write your backend code in javascript you also have to install the PHP-V8 extension. In order to run the installation script you have to access the command-line interface of the webserver.

  • PHP >= 7
  • MySQL/Postgres database
  • CLI access


To install Fusio download the latest version and place the folder into the www directory of the webserver. After this Fusio can be installed in the following steps.

  • Adjust the configuration file

    Open the file configuration.php in the Fusio directory and change the key psx_url to the domain pointing to the public folder. Also insert the database credentials to the psx_connection keys.

  • Execute the installation command

    The installation script inserts the Fusio database schema into the provided database. It can be executed with the following command php bin/fusio install.

  • Create administrator user

    After the installation is complete you have to create a new administrator account. Therefor you can use the following command php bin/fusio adduser. Choose as account type "Administrator".

Then you can login to the backend at /fusio. Please take a look at the documentation section for more resources.