Version 1.5.0 released

posted by christoph.kappestein on 2019-01-01

We are really happy to start the new year with the announcement of version 1.5. This release contains many improvements. A major change is that we require now PHP 7.1 since 7.0 is not supported anymore. The following list contains the most important changes:

  • Use connection for sending SMTP mails

    Previously Fusio had an internal mailer system and a mailer connection, now it is possible to tell Fusio to use an existing connection to send mails. Through this it is i.e. possible to send mails via a different SMTP connection or sendgrid.

  • Make pub/sub system more customizable

    Fusio contains a pub/sub system which is currently based on SQL tables and a cronjob which sends the payload to the subscribers. Now it is possible to exchange the sender system so it would be possible to use a message queue system.

  • Set correct CORS header if an exception occurs

    Previously the CORS headers were not set correctly in case an exception occurred this is now fixed.

  • Use JWT as access token

    Fusio issues now globally JWTs which contain also some meta information about the user. Previously only the /consumer/login endpoint has returned a JWT. Note this means also that the internal structure of the JWT has changed, in case your app decodes the token you need to check which fields are used. The new token has the following claims:

    Issued At
    Expiration Time
    Full name
  • Fix add costs field to the routes schema

    The costs field is now correctly returned at the detail route.

  • Improve SQL-Table action add possibility to specify default settings and return proper types on all db drivers

    The SQL-Table action returns now proper types. This means i.e. if a table column is of type int it will now return also an int type. This needs to be explicit casted since some database drivers always return strings.

  • Migrated all unit tests to PHPUnit 6.0

    We have moved the complete PHPUnit test suite to 6.0. This was especially complicated since PHPUnit has introduced in this release namespaces means we had to adjust every test case. But future updates should be now much simpler.

  • Set all travis tests to check PHP 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3

    Since we require now PHP 7.1 as minimum version we cover now PHP 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3

  • Minimum PHP requirement is now 7.1

    As mentioned above since PHP 7.0 is not supported anymore we have moved the minimum requirement to PHP 7.1. If you are using still PHP 7.0 please consider to upgrade.