Version 1.2.0 released

posted by christoph.kappestein on 2018-06-08

We are really happy to announce version 1.2 of Fusio. This release contains some exciting features and overall improvements. In the following we will cover the most important parts of the changelog:

  • Add subscription support

    Fusio helps you now building apps supporting webhooks. This means you can define custom events at the backend and on the consumer side users can subscribe to such events with a custom endpoint url. If you dispatch such an event inside an action, Fusio will send a HTTP POST request to each subscriber containing the provided payload.

  • Add PHP sandbox action

    In previous versions we have always propagated the V8-Action to develop code at the backend. This was a simple and secure way but had the disadvantage that you need to install the PHP-V8 extension, moreover the author has also abandoned the project. Because of this we have build a new PHP sandbox action which lets you write PHP code at the backend. This should help to quickly develop new endpoints for testing and prototyping.

    The V8-Action does still exists and if you have the PHP-V8 extension installed everything will work as before. If there is an interest in developing actions in javascript we might investigate other solutions.

  • Add installer script to install Fusio also without access to the CLI

    We have often received mails from new users who want to install Fusio without access to the CLI. With this release we have build a new browser based installer. Note internally the installer triggers the PHP CLI scripts, so you need to have PHP installed on the command line to use it (which is mostly the case).

  • Updated backend and consumer app to Angular 1.7

    We have migrated the backend and consumer app to Angular 1.7. This is the latest 1.x release which becomes also a LTS version which is supported until June 30, 2021. Then we have enough time to migrate these apps to Angular 2.

  • Consumer app add subscription support to allow customers to register HTTP callbacks

    The consumer app has now a new panel where users can register callbacks for specific events.

  • Backend app add option to provide custom action class

    It is now possible to provide at the backend a custom PHP class. This can be helpful if you have an action as class and want to add this through the backend interface. Many thanks to @riwin for this idea.

  • Reorganized consumer app and grant endpoints

    We have reorganized some of the consumer API endpoints. In case you are using this API you need to adjust the path to the following table:

    /consumer/app/developer                 => /consumer/app
    /consumer/app/developer/$app_id<[0-9]+> => /consumer/app/$app_id<[0-9]+>
    /consumer/app/grant                     => /consumer/grant
    /consumer/app/grant/$grant_id<[0-9]+>   => /consumer/grant/$grant_id<[0-9]+>
    /consumer/app/meta                      => /consumer/authorize (GET)