Released version 0.3.4

posted by christoph.kappestein on 2016-08-25

We are happy to announce version 0.3.4 of Fusio. This release contains mostly improvements to the backend UI. Also we have added a option to easily test an action. In the following the coverage of the changelog:

  • Streamlined backend ui

    We have improved the layout of the backend UI view. Especially multi-column layouts have now a more polished look

  • Improved route lookup speed

    When resolving a path we check whether the route belongs to the internal system or not. If not we exclude all routes from the query which speeds up the lookup time

  • Backend add global loading animation

    We have added a small loading animation to indicate whether a AJAX request is in progress

  • Fixed detail and schema import/export command

    Fixed a namespace issue at the schema import/export command

  • Added dialog to test an action

    It is now possible to test an action. This means you can execute the action without the need to create an route which helps a lot when developing actions

  • Database ui add auto increment option

    It is now possible to mark a column as an auto increment column

  • Add repeat password question to adduser command

    For the adduser command the user has now to repeat the password before a new user gets created