Fusio 2.1 released

posted by christoph.kappestein on 2021-08-08

We are happy to announce the release of version 2.1 of Fusio. This release marks an important milestone since it contains some great changes which sets the future path for Fusio. The main changes of this release is the introduction of a new worker system. This system allows you to write actions in multiple different programming languages. That means that the target audience of Fusio is not longer limited to PHP. In the following some more details of the worker system:

  • Added worker system and actions to support different programming languages

    A worker is a dedicated RPC service written in a specific language. For communication we use the Apache Thrift RPC system. If the worker are activated at the configuration Fusio will call specific RPC endpoints if you create/update an action or connection. Then the worker has the option to persist the action code (for later execution) and store also the connection settings. If an action is attached to a route and the route gets invoked by a user, Fusio will then call the worker via RPC and execute the action and return the response.

  • Added Java, Javascript, PHP and Python worker

    As a start we have implemented a Java, Javascript, PHP and Python worker which allows you to write those actions. Please take a look at our overview page for a complete list of all worker implementations. Please let us know if you like to add support for a specific programming language.