Fusio contains a variety of apps and tools which work with the Fusio API. This page showcases some of them which can help you to solve a specific task or can also be used to learn how you can integrate Fusio with your app. Please contact us if you want to add a new tool or app to this list.

Backend app to control and manage Fusio. It is the default admin panel to configure Fusio and is included with Fusio under the path /fusio.
Developer app which is shipped with Fusio. Through the app developers can register at your API and can create/manage their apps. The app is available at /developer.
The documentation app simply provides an overview of all available endpoints. The app is available at /documentation.
The official javascript SDK to talk to the Fusio API.
Electron app of the backend whereby it is possible to control and access a Fusio instance by running the app locally.
A service which helps to generate source files to build a CRUD API based on a relational database.
Table Plugin
JQuery Plugin which can be used to render paginated tables based on the response of the SQL-Table Adapter.
A fun demo JQuery app which uses Fusio as API backend. It shows how you can build a simple game using Fusio as backend.
Sample AngularJS app which can read, create and delete todo entries. It uses the demo todo API of Fusio.
Sample CLI app which reads all todo entries and provides a way to post new ones. It uses the default todo API of Fusio.
Simple JQuery app which shows how to authenticate and access a Fusio based API.